Dynamic Walking 2010 will be held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA from July 8 to 11. The aim of this meeting, the fifth of an annual series, is to provide insight into the fundamental principles that underlie legged locomotion. Topics central to dynamic walking include energetics, stability and control, predictive principles and models, dynamic modeling, empirical data with a conceptual tie in, robot successes and failures. The dynamic walking approach puts less emphasis on vision, navigation, kinematic motion planning, kinematic data, kinematic control, and measurements that do not address a basic concept or principle. Participants are split roughly equally between students and professors, and between researchers studying human walking and those designing better walking robots.

To promote open sharing of information, the meetings are organized to provide as much interaction between participants as possible. The format is highly informal and fluid, with a single track of presentations and extensive time scheduled for interaction, brainstorming and idea sharing. The schedule includes many hands-on tutorials and demonstrations of dynamic walking robots.

In order to keep the meeting intimate and interactive, participation in this year's meeting will be based on invitations. However, all of the material, include videos of the lectures when appropriate, will be posted to this website and available to all. Please feel free to contact the organizers with any questions.


  • Russ Tedrake - CSAIL, MIT
  • Hugh Herr - Media Lab, MIT

Scientific Board

  • Chris Atkeson, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Steve Collins, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Max Donelan, Simon Fraser University
  • Art Kuo, University of Michigan
  • Hugh Herr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Andy Ruina, Cornell University
  • Russ Tedrake, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Martijn Wisse, Delft University of Technology

Next Meeting

Dynamic Walking 2011 is held at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany, from July 18 to 21, 2011.

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