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Dynamic Walking

A conference at the intersection of biomechanics and robotics, on legged locomotion and other dynamical behaviors

  • Dynamic Walking 2017

    June 4, 2017 – June 9, 2017

    Dynamic Walking 2017 has moved:

  • Dynamic Walking 2016

    June 4, 2016 – June 7, 2016

    News: Conference schedule details available

    News: Conference registrationaccommodation information are now open

    Join us at Camp Ohiyesa in Holly, Michigan, for the 2016 edition of Dynamic Walking, Principles of Dynamic Locomotion*. The location is a YMCA camp about one hour from either Detroit airport (DTW) or University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. There is a large lodge for conference activities, overlooking an inland lake and wooded grounds. On-site lodging and meals will be rustic, and outdoor activities will be available as diversions from the scientific program.

    (*and manipulation and planning and behavior)

    Dynamic Walking is an interdisciplinary conference with an audience including engineers, biologists, biomechanists, and roboticists. Interests include legged walking and running and other forms of locomotion, balance, control, rehabilitation, sensors and actuators, and any task involving dynamics. The conference emphasizes interactive talks and posters with in-session discussion, and social activities interspersed throughout the schedule.X

    Camp Ohiyesa is in Holly, Michigan, one hour from either Ann Arbor [map] or Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) [map]. The meeting venue and dining hall will be the main lodge at the Camp. There is ample meeting space and cafeteria style meal service.

    Many activities will be available during break time each afternoon, including swimming (with a water slide), canoeing, climbing, zip-lines, archery, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and other sports.

    Take a Virtual Tour of camp.

    Getting there

    The venue is accessible by car from Midwestern locations such as Chicago (4.5 hrs), Pittsburgh (5 hrs), Columbus (3.5 hrs), Toronto (4.5 hrs), and Madison, WI (6.5 hrs).

    The nearest major airport is Detroit (DTW), about 1 hr. Chartered bus service will be available at intervals on June 3 (afternoon and evening), June 7 (evening), and June 8 (morning). Register for airport bus (Registration) and fill out the flight information form. Participants arriving at other times may use shuttle service or rental car. Those staying at hotel will find a rental car most convenient.


    A partial list of featured speakers:
    • Katie Byl, University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Noah Cowan, Johns Hopkins University
    • Jonathan Hurst, Oregon State University
    • Mark Levi, Pennsylvania State University
    • Mike Paulin, University of Otago
    • Jerry Pratt, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
    • Elliott Rouse, Northwestern University
    • Andy Ruina, Cornell University
    • Manoj Srinivasan, The Ohio State University
    • Russ Tedrake, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    There will be a number of additional presentations, lightning talks, many posters, and hardware demos of robots, exoskeletons, and other devices.

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