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Session 4


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Speaker Session 1


Friedl de Groote. Fast and physiologically realistic simulations to study neuromechanics of human locomotion. [Video]


Ye Zhao. Robust Task and Motion Planning for Agile Locomotion In The Now.


Jonas Rubenson. Decoupling the Metabolic and Neuromuscular Control of Human Walking.


Robin Riethmüller. Learning optimal gaits on the quadrupedal robot RAMbi.


Meghan Kazanski. Stepping Regulation Adapts to Lateral Perturbations.


Kim Ingraham. User preference of applied torque characteristics for bilateral powered ankle exoskeletons.


Romeo Orsolino. Interactive Nonlinear Trajectory Re-Optimization for Walking Robots.

Speaker Session 2


Pranav Bhounsule. Data-driven non-linear approximation of step-to-step dynamics for controller development.


Anahid Ebrahimi. Shear Wave Tensiometry Reveals an Age-Related Decrease in Triceps Surae Work Across a Broad Range of Walking Speeds.


Shamel Fahmi. Soft Terrain Adaptation for HyQ. [Link]


Christian Hubicki. Risk-constrained Planning for Robot Locomotion.


Jan Stenum. Step time asymmetry optimizes energy cost of split-belt treadmill walking.

Speaker Session 3


Simon Sponberg. Information-based centralization in legged locomotion.


Chen Li. An energy landscape approach to legged locomotion through large obstacles.


Thomas Turner Topping. Composition of Templates for Transitional Legged Behaviors.


Robert Griffin. Progress on Trying to Make Robots at IHMC Useful.


Dinant Kistemaker. Is metabolic cost a key factor in gait parameter selection?

Speaker Session 4


Jonah Siekmann. Robust Locomotion on Cassie with RNNs.


Christina Rossi. Effect of somatosensory impairments on the rehabilitation of walking function post-stroke.


Glenna Clifton. Strategies for walking on uneven terrain in multi-legged animals.


Brian Bittner. A Robot Made of Tree Branches Can Learn to Move in 15 minutes.

Poster Session 1, Room 1

  • Maarten Afschrift, Ilse Jonkers, Friedl De Groote. Sensorimotor transformations in perturbed walking. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Lex Gidley. Walking Coordination Changes With Incline. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Geng Li, Mohammad Shourijeh, Benjamin Fregly. Effect of Pelvis Bone Geometry Personalization on Hip Kinematics and Moment Arms during Walking. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Hamidreza Barnamehei, Neda Golfeshan, Mohammad Reza Kharazi, Mohammad Barnamehei, Fatemeh Bagheri, Fatemeh Aflatounian . Neurobiomechanical and motor control comparison during gait between teen girls with and without high heel shoes. [Abstract].
  • Alexander Cates, Keith Gordon. Gaze behavior changes during locomotor learning. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Michael G. Browne, Purnima Padmanabhan, Ryan T. Roemmich. Asymmetric gait training with a Tied-Belt Treadmill. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 1, Room 2

  • Zhenyu Gan, Talia Moore. Understand gait transitions in Jerboas using a template model. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Aditya Sripada, Hartmut Geyer. Turning Behavior of Running Systems induced by Leg Placement. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Oezge Drama, Alexander Badri-Spröwitz. VP above or below? A new perspective on the story of the virtual point.. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Yu-Ming Chen, Michael Posa. Optimal Reduced-order Modeling of Bipedal Locomotion. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].
  • William Yang, Michael Posa. Exploration of contact models and uncertainty in the context of legged robots. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • An Mo, Fabio Izzi, Daniel F. B. Haeufle, Alexander Badri-Spröwitz. Viscous Damping in Legged Locomotion. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 1, Room 3

  • HyeongKeun Jeong, YongSeok Kim, Myunghee Kim. Human-in-the-loop wearable robot optimization for squatting. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Sabrina J. Abram, Katherine L. Poggensee, Max Donelan, Steven H. Collins. People explore gait dimensions, and reduce this exploration, as they learn to walk with exoskeleton assistance. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Roopak M Karulkar, Patrick M Wensing. Toward Model-Based Intent Detection for Lower-Extremity Exoskeletons. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Ryan Posh, James Schmiedeler, Patrick Wensing. Hybrid Volitional Control in Lower-Limb Prostheses. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Victor Prost, W. Brett Johnson, Jenny A. Kent, Matthew J. Major, Amos G. Winter. Experimental investigation of the lower leg trajectory error metric: implication for the design of ankle-foot prostheses. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Seongmi Song, Myunghee Kim. Visual guidance to facilitate a robotic ankle-foot orthosis use. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 1, Room 4

  • Qiyuan Fu, Sean W Gart, Thomas W Mitchel, Jin Seob Kim, Gregory S Chirikjian, Chen Li. Stability benefits of body undulation and compliance for snakes and snake robots traversing large, smooth obstacles. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Ratan Othayoth, Qihan Xuan, Chen Li. Kinetic energy fluctuation helps animals and robots self-right on the ground. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Xiangyu Chu, Chun Ho Lo, Carlos Ma, Jiajun An, Tsz Yin Chung, Kwok Wai Samuel Au. Towards Agile Maneuver Generation for Terrestrial Robots in Flight Phase. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].
  • Songyan Xin, Sethu Vijayakumar. Online Dynamic Motion Planning and Control for Wheeled Biped Robots. [Abstract], [Video].
  • Xinyuan Zhao, Nikos Tsagarakis. Reactive Load Carrying with Quadruped Robot CENTAURO. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Jiajun An, T. Y. Chung, Chun Ho David Lo, Carlos Ma, Xiangyu Chu, K. W. Samuel Au. Development of a Bipedal Hopping Robot With Morphable Inertial Tail for Agile Locomotion. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 1, Room 5

  • Benjamin J. Chasnov, Lillian J. Ratliff, Samuel A. Burden. The Stability of Human/Machine Learning Dynamics. [Abstract].
  • Kevin Green, Yesh Godse, Jeremy Dao, Ross L. Hatton, Alan Fern, Jonathan Hurst. Leveraging Spring Mass Locomotion to Guide Learned Walking Controllers. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Helei Duan, Jeremy Dao, Kevin Green, Alan Fern, Jonathan Hurst. Learning Bipedal Locomotion in Task Space. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Guillermo Castillo, Ayonga Hereid. Hybrid Zero Dynamics Inspired Feedback Motion Planning for 3D Bipedal Locomotion using Reinforcement Learning. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Edward Lu, Nathan J. Kong, J. Joseph Payne, and Aaron M. Johnson. Generating a Dynamic Controller for a Flamingo Inspired Robot using Deep Reinforcement Learning. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 1, Room 6

  • Alp Aydinoglu, Michael Posa. Contact-aware controller design for balancing. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Taylor Howell, Zachary Manchester. A Fast Solver for Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Aykut Ozgun Onol, Radu Corcodel, Philip Long, Taskin Padir. Tuning-Free Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Maximilian Raff, C. David Remy. Optimization of Gaits with a Soft Contact Model. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Michael R. Turski, Joseph Norby, Aaron M. Johnson. Contact-Implicit vs. Hybrid Trajectory Optimization: Performance Comparison. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Sean J. Wang, Ankit Bhatia, Matt T. Mason, Aaron M. Johnson. Contact Localization for Transparent Robots using Velocity Constraints. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 1, Room 7

  • Sjoerd M. Bruijn, Laura Hoogstad, Moira van Leeuwen, Jaap H. van Dieën. Mediolateral gait stability maintained: By limiting the ankle strategy, can foot placement be trained?. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Chang Liu, Sungwoo Park, James Finley. Does the Reference Axis for Computing Angular Momentum Affect Interpretations of Balance Control?. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Jian Jin, Dinant Kistemaker, Jaap van Dieën, Andreas Daffertshofer, Sjoerd M. Bruijn. The influence of ankle VS hip powering on gait robustness and economy. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Hyunjong Song, William Z. Peng, Joo H. Kim. Balanced Region-based Analysis of Push Recovery Control using Ankle and Hip Strategies. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • William Z. Peng, Hyun Seok Shin, Joo H. Kim. Comparative Analysis of Full-body Legged Stability Using Balanced and Steppable Regions. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Osman Darici, Arthur D. Kuo. One step is enough: Prediction of human walking adjustments on complex terrain. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 1, Room 8

  • Vivian L Rose, Christopher J Arellano. The Cost and Spring-Like Behavior of Walking: Are Children Scaled Down Versions of Adults?. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Felix Ruppert, Alexander Badri-Spröwitz. How Quadrupeds Benefit from Lower Leg Passive Elasticity. [Abstract] [Poster] [Video].
  • Renee Jessica Wallace, Catherine Pavlov, Aaron Johnson. Design of Microspine-Enhanced Spring Legs for Robotic Running and Climbing. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Anna Sesselmann, Dominic Lakatos, Alin Albu-Schäffer. Frequency Matching: Optimizing Bio-Inspired Robotic Legs with SLIP-like Dynamics. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Vishnu Dev Amara, Jorn Malzahn, Nikos Tsagarakis. Explosive motion enhancement for Series Elastic Actuated Robots. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 2, Room 1

  • Seong Ho Yeon, Hugh M. Herr. Embedded sEMG Platform for Wearable Robotics. [Abstract].
  • Jenna Thorp, Peter Adamczyk. Entrainment of Gait Phase during Rhythmic Electrical Stimulation of the Gastrocnemius. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Russell T. Johnson, Daniel Lakeland, James M. Finley. Bayesian estimates of plausible muscle forces in musculoskeletal simulations. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Di Ao, Mohammad S. Shourijeh, Carolynn Patten, Benjamin J. Fregly. Effect of Muscle Passive Force Minimization on EMG-driven Model Calibration. [Abstract].

Poster Session 2, Room 2

  • Thomas Geijtenbeek. SCONE: Open Source Software for Predictive Simulation of Biological Motion. [Abstract].
  • Navendu S. Patil, Jonathan B. Dingwell, Joseph P. Cusumano. Viability and Global Stability of a Task-Regulated Compass Walker. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Marleny Arones, Carolynn Patten, Benjamin J. Fregly. Sensory Feedback Synergy Control for Predictive Simulation of Walking. [Abstract].
  • Jorge Omar López Robles, James Schmiedeler. At What Speed does Walking Become “Dynamic”? Interplane Coupling as a Measure. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Umer Huzaifa, Amy LaViers. Pre-defined Ranges of Parameters for Walking Styles on Bipedal Robot with Pelvis-located Actuation. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Megan Auger, J. Nathan Kutz, Katherine M. Steele. Discrepancy Modeling in Bipedal Dynamics. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 2, Room 3

  • Brekke A. Green, Greg S. Sawicki, Jonas Rubenson. A bird-inspired passive-elastic ankle-toe exoskeleton induces digitigrade (toe) walking in humans. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Katherine Heidi Fehr, Peter Gabriel Adamczyk. Relationship Between Dynamic Mean Ankle Moment Arm and Prosthetic Forefoot Stiffness on Level Ground, Ramps and Stairs. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Matthew E. Carney, Hugh H. Herr. Preliminary Results of a Reaction Force Series Elastic Actuator for Powered Knee and Ankle Prostheses. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Nina Petelina, V.N. Murthy Arelekatti, W. Brett Johnson, Jenny A. Kent, Matthew J. Major, Amos Winter. Identifying the Optimal Damping Coefficient for a Passive Prosthetic Knee. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Varun Joshi, Elliott Rouse, Chandramouli Krishnan. How does ankle impedance change as a function of age, muscle activation, and walking speed?. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 2, Room 4

  • Gabriel Garcia, Robert Griffin, Jerry Pratt. On Highly Dynamic Behaviors of Quadrupedal Robots. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video], [Video], [Video].
  • Sharfin Islam, Kamal Carter, Ryan St. Pierre, Sarah Bergbreiter, Aaron M. Johnson. Integrating Passive Dynamic Wobbling with Leg Extension to Produce Stable Gaits in a Two-Actuator Bipedal Robot. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Nathan Kau, Aaron Schultz, Tarun Punnoose, Laura Lee, Zac Manchester. Woofer and Pupper: Low-Cost Open-Source Quadrupeds for Research and Education. [Abstract].
  • Jason Pusey, Robert Griffin, Jonathan Clark, Christian Hubicki, Sisir Karumanchi, John Nicholson. LLAMA Quadrupedal Robotic Platform. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Kamal Carter, Sharfin Islam, Ryan St. Pierre, Sarah Bergbreiter, and Aaron M. Johnson. Design and Control of a Mesoscale Hip Actuated Powered Walker. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 2, Room 5

  • Salvador Echeveste. Single-motor actuated semi-rigid hip exoskeleton design capable of assisting flexion and extension while walking. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Shuangyue Yu, Tzu-Hao Huang, Chunhai Jiao, Hang Hu, Sainan Zhang, Hao Su. A Lightweight and High Torque Hip Exoskeleton with Quasi-Direct Drive Actuation for Independent Living Assistance. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].
  • Hang Hu, Antonio Di Lallo, Shuangyue Yu, Tzu-Hao Huang, Sainan Zhang, Hao Su. Lightweight, Backdrivable, and High-Bandwidth Knee Exoskeleton with Quasi-Direct Drive Actuation. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].
  • Monika Mioskowska, Mitja Trkov. Active Knee Assistance For Prevention of Slip-Induced Falls During Human Walking. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Shafer, Benjamin A, Ting, Lena H., Young, Aaron J, Sawicki, Gregory S.. Optimizing neuromuscular properties of a hip exoskeleton controller to augment human locomotion. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Patrick W. Franks, Gwendolyn M. Bryan, Ricardo Reyes, Steven H. Collins. For an Exo to Be, as Good as Can Be, Help the Ankle, the Knee, the Hip or All Three?. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 2, Room 6

  • Tom Van Wouwe, Lena Ting, Friedl De Groote. Robust optimal control for biomechanical simulations. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Andrew M. Pace, Todd D. Murphey, Samuel A. Burden. Towards Intrinsic Reference Tracking for Legged Locomotion. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Ashwin Khadke, Hartmut Geyer. Policy Decomposition: Approximate Optimal Control with Suboptimality Measure. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Daniel S Williams, Anne E Martin. Calculating Gait Variability with a Markov Chain. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 2, Room 7

  • Michelle van Mierlo, Mark Vlutters, Herman van der Kooij, Edwin H. F. van Asseldonk. Balance recovery in the double support phase during perturbed walking. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Hendrik Reimann, Tyler Fettrow, Stephen DiBianca, Maelyn Arcodia, John J. Jeka. Sensorimotor Control of Upright Balance in Walking. [Abstract].
  • Deepak K Ravi, Caroline Heimhofer, William R Taylor, Navrag B Singh. How many steps are required to recover from a gait rhythm perturbation?. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Thomas Geijtenbeek. Spinal Reflexes with Constant Feedback Gains can Produce Stable Bipedal Walking and Running. [Abstract].
  • Rachid Ramadan, Hendrik Reimann, John J. Jeka, Gregor Schoner. A neuromuscular model of human balance control that combines flexibility and stability. [Abstract].

Poster Session 2, Room 8

  • Shahin G Lashkari, Michael G Wilkinson, Bharath Krishnan, James J Knierim, Noah J Cowan. Decision-Making and Path Planning for Jumping Rats. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].
  • Gabriel Antoniak, Enric Xargay, Kira Barton, Bogdan-Ioan Popa, Alex Shorter. Data Science for Dolphin Biomechanics. [Abstract].
  • Qihan Xuan, Chen Li. The importance of appendage coordination during leg-assisted, winged self-righting. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Yaqing Wang, Ratan Othayoth, Chen Li. Head and leg adjustments help insects and legged robots traverse cluttered, large obstacles. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 3, Room 1

  • Aaron Nicholas Best, Amy R. Wu. Upper and lower body contributions to stability during very slow walking. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Anna C. Render, Joseph P. Cusumano, Jonathan B. Dingwell. How Humans Adapt Lateral Stepping Regulation. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Michael C Rosenberg, Katherine M Steele. Identifying mechanisms underlying variable responses to interventions during walking. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Jennifer Leestma, Gregory Sawicki, Aaron Young. Responses to locomotion commotion caused by translation perturbations. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Tyler D Whitacre, Hannah Goldsmith, Christian M Hubicki, Monica A Daley. How does increased slip and fall risk influence locomotion in turning maneuvers?. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Taniel Solarnge Winner, Trisha Kesar, Lena Ting. Do Switched Linear Dynamical Systems Provide Robust Kinematic Predictions of Healthy Treadmill Gait at Different Speeds?. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 3, Room 2

  • Mark Yeatman, Siavash Rezazadeh, Robert D. Gregg. Energy Shaping and Tracking for Natural Limit Cycles in Hybrid Systems. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Jonathan B. Dingwell, Joseph P. Cusumano. Identifying Templates for Stepping Regulation. [Abstract].
  • ChunHo David Lo, XiangYu Chu, Kwok Wai Samuel Au. Limit Cycle Control On Hopping Motion. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].
  • Ali Zamani. Energy-efficient planning using approximated step-to-step dynamics for traversing stepping stones. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Dan Zhao, Shai Revzen. Some Insights about Multi-legged Steering. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].
  • Dongbin Shin, Changsoo Han. Preliminary research of the Locomotion mode recognition based on Data driven method. [Abstract].

Poster Session 3, Room 3

  • Minhan Li, Jennie Si, He (Helen) Huang. Boosting Learning Efficiency for Tuning a Powered Knee Prosthesis: Offline-Online Policy Iteration. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Anthony Anderson, Yuri Hudak, Chris Richburg, Patrick Aubin. Development of a Transtibial Biarticular Prosthesis with Offboard Actuation and Control. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Harrison L. Bartlett, Brian E. Lawson, Michael Goldfarb. Synchro Motion: Design and Control of Lightweight Microprocessor Prosthetic Knees and Ankles. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Nikhil Divekar, Robert Gregg. Design and Validation of a Backdrivable Powered Knee Orthosis for Partial Assistance of Lower Limb Musculature. [Abstract].
  • An-Chi He, Xingyuan Zhou, Myunghee Kim. Development of a portable ankle-foot orthosis actuator system. [Abstract].

Poster Session 3, Room 4

  • Yuanfeng Han, Yulong Wang, Chun-Chen Hsu, Rafael de la Tijera Obert, Evains Francois, Ratan Othayoth, Chen Li. Body shape modulates obstacle attraction and repulsion during dynamic legged locomotion. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Ardalan Tajbakhsh, Nikolai Flowers, Aaron M. Johnson. State Estimation for Legged Robots in Unstructured Terrains. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Vishnu Aishwaryan Subra Mani. Design and Optimization of Soft Spring. [Abstract].
  • Lee Marion Anderson, Taylor McLaughlin, Shai Revzen. Serial Elastic versus Parallel Elastic Actuators in Hopping Robots. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Matthew Robertson, Qingguo Li. Linear bristle actuators for robotics. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].

Poster Session 3, Room 5

  • Bumjoon Kim, Sukyung Park. Prediction of 3D GRF during running from a single sacral measurement using artificial neural network.. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Michael V Potter, Stephen M Cain, Lauro V Ojeda, Noel C Perkins. IMU-based Estimation of Walking Kinematics for 3-body Lower-limb Model. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Sandra Kristine Hnat, Musa L Audu, Ronald J Triolo. Estimating Center of Mass Kinematics during Human Walking using Accelerometers. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Yisen Wang, Jingjun Liu, Lauro Ojeda, Peter Adamczyk. Long-term Wearable Sensor Suite for Real-World Biomechanical Tracking in Prosthetics. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Reed Gurchiek, Anna Ursiny, Ryan McGinnis. Estimating muscle excitations using a reduced sEMG array across a range of walking speeds. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 3, Room 6

  • Geoffrey Clark, Heni Ben Amor. Optimal Control for Robotic Prosthetics with Interaction Primitives. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Matthew Chignoli, Patrick M Wensing. Variational-Based Optimal Control of Underactuated Balancing for Dynamic Quadrupeds. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Martin Fevre, James P. Schmiedeler. Rapid Gait Optimization in CasADi. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Paarth Shah, Ioannis Havoutis, Ludovic Righetti. Pushing Robots to their Limits - Trajectory Optimization For Robots Using Heat Constraints. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Luke Drnach, Ye Zhao. Trajectory Optimization over Uncertain Terrain using Stochastic Complementarity. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Noel Csomay-Shanklin, Wen-Loong Ma, Aaron D. Ames. Fast Trajectory Generation for Quadrupedal Walking on Slopes. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video].

Poster Session 3, Room 7

  • Keewon Kim, Han Gil Seo, Byung-Mo Oh, Sun G. Chung. Robot-Assisted Gait Training for Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Nataliya Rokhmanova, Peter B Shull, Katherine J Kuchenbecker, Eni Halilaj. Subject-Specific Biofeedback for Gait Retraining Outside of the Lab. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • Brandon Peterson, Jeremy Gines, Travis Craig, Robert Griffin, Peter Neuhaus. Quix: A Powered, Lower-Body Exoskeleton to Improve the Mobility of Individuals with Paralysis. [Abstract].
  • Shannon M Danforth, Patrick D Holmes, Choong Hee Kim, Darlene Yao, Asheesh Bedi, Ram Vasudevan. Assessing rehabilitation progress following ACL reconstruction surgery. [Abstract], [Poster].
  • I-Chieh Lee, Matheus Pacheco, He Huang. Amputee gait identification from biological motion: Effect of Experience Level. [Abstract], [Poster], [Video], [Video].
  • Krista Fjeld, Siyao Hu, Katherine Kuchenbecker, Erin Vasudevan. A Brake-based Over-ground Gait Rehabilitation Device for Increasing Paretic Propulsive Force. [Abstract], [Poster].

Poster Session 3, Room 8